Chingon_Cuerdas & ADelightfulPain

Chingón Cuerdas is a Chicago based Kinbaku educator and performer. Beginning his kink journey in 2013 has quickly developed an immense passion for rope bondage and rough body play. He enjoys creating scenes that are both physically and mentally engaging using his personal/educational background and drive for learning about topics on anatomy, sports science, and martial arts. He has been part of various local rope education initiatives such as Tying by Twilight, Chicago Rope, and Second City Kinbaku. Having also presented and performed at various events such as Ropecraft, Kinky Kollege, B.A.N.K., and Snowbound. His style is centered around efficiency, body mechanics, and engagement; breaking down concepts into digestible logics and exercises for students to apply to their own practice.

ADelightfulPain is a bondage and sex enthusiast based in Chicago who has been engaging with her kinks since 2015. Continually molding her philosophy and relationship to rope bondage in her roles as both a student and an educator, she has taught and co-facilitated bottoming education locally in Chicago and around the Midwest. A wanderluster at heart she also enjoys traveling all over to learn and engage her interests - and nom on lots of good food!

Chingon_Cuerdas & ADelightfulPain's Workshops

Diamonds Are Forever - Chingon Cuerdas

Introduction to hishi-pattern concepts. So you know a couple knots, frictions, and hitches. You’ve already got some basic harness/tie structure down. Now what!? We can begin playing with the structures that make up some of our favorite ties and create a whole new look, yet maintain their structural integrity. Through exploring a new pattern logic attendees will learn a finer control of tension, rope handling, and aesthetics. We’ll also cover some interesting tips on how the placement of frictions can be used for pressure point play.
*Hands On - Intermediate/Advanced*
*Requirements: A non-collapsing single-column cuff, understanding of basic frictions (reverse tension, half-hitch, munter-hitch), 3 to 5 8-meter lengths of rope (natural fiber preferred). *

Double-Column Deep Dive - Chingon Cuerdas

Easy to learn, yet deceptively nuanced. Together we’ll take a deeper look at the double-column tie. Through a variety of exercises we’ll develop a sensitivity to placement and tension on different body parts and positionings as well as applications for play and creativity.
*Hands On - Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate*
*Required Gear: (2-3) 25-30ft lengths of natural fiber rope*

Quick One Rope Bondage - Chingon Cuerdas

What can you do with a single piece of rope? Quite a lot actually. Using a single piece of rope we will use simple techniques to restrain our partners and create opportunities for various types of play. Also covered will be ways of applying the rope to our partners to communicate our mood or intention of a session.
*Hands On - All Levels*
*Requirements: A single 25-30 ft length of rope. A non-collapsing single or double column cuff.*

Rope Handling and Body Mechanics: Perilous Partials - Chingon Cuerdas

This class will cater to those who wish to begin introducing gravity into their play. Partials can be a new element to expand creativity in your scene. Concepts will be introduced for developing logics for poses and on-the-fly thinking needed before entering suspension. We’ll discuss how attachment points on ties can affect angles and stresses on the body as well as quick, efficient, and safe(r) upline management. Depending on time we will go through 1-2 predicament partial sequences.
*Hands On - Intermediate*
*Requirements: 8-12 natural fiber ropes 25-30 ft. Suspension Equipment such as a ring or climbing grade carabiners. A non-collapsing single column cuff, a solid suspension worthy TK or chest harness that can be lifted from multiple points, and a good understanding of tension for tying. Bottoms must be able to effectively communicate to their tops for any adjustments during the class. Both tops and bottoms must have solid floorwork fundamentals skills.*