Diamonds Are Forever - Chingon Cuerdas

Introduction to hishi-pattern concepts. So you know a couple knots, frictions, and hitches. You’ve already got some basic harness/tie structure down. Now what!? We can begin playing with the structures that make up some of our favorite ties and create a whole new look, yet maintain their structural integrity. Through exploring a new pattern logic attendees will learn a finer control of tension, rope handling, and aesthetics. We’ll also cover some interesting tips on how the placement of frictions can be used for pressure point play.
*Hands On - Intermediate/Advanced*
*Requirements: A non-collapsing single-column cuff, understanding of basic frictions (reverse tension, half-hitch, munter-hitch), 3 to 5 8-meter lengths of rope (natural fiber preferred). *

Presented By:
Chingon_Cuerdas & ADelightfulPain