Temptress Ari

Self dubbed “professional queer”, Temptress Ari is a switchy slutty polyamorous sadomasochistic sex nerd. She first discovered the kink community over a decade ago and has been in love ever since. An educator for most of her life, Ari loves to teach about sex and gender, sexuality, nonmonogamy, and kink. She harbors a passion for equity, authenticity, and community, and is thrilled to share her skills and knowledge with other perverts and deviants. A real life rainbow unicorn, Ari is also a dog mom, an avid knitter, and lover of all things sparkly.

Temptress Ari's Workshops

Ethical Non Monogamy 101: Don't Hunt Unicorns - Temptress Ari

Relationships can be tough to navigate- and that’s when you’re following a “traditional path”. Add in nonmonogamy, and you have a whole new set of questions and challenges to work through. This workshop will introduce the umbrella concept of ethical nonmonogamy and the different relationship structures that fall within it, including polyamory, swinging, and so much more! We’ll cover vocabulary, communication methods, and problem-solving when things get sticky. Whether you're just starting to think about ENM or you've been poly for years, this workshop will provide opportunities for questions and experience sharing for all.

Fucking Queer - Temptress Ari

When we think of sex it’s often some variation of “insert tab A into slot B”. But what if you both have a slot? Or two tabs?? This workshop is part show, part tell, as we uncover the kaleidoscope of ways our bodies can intertwine (with or without the help of toys) to have hot weird queer sex. We'll cover communication and negotiation to discover how to navigate the intimate journey of understanding your partner's desires and boundaries, making every moment a safe and thrilling exploration. We’ll also briefly touch on STIs, shedding light on risk factors associated with different sex acts and strategies to mitigate them. Learn the logistics and celebrate the beauty of queer intimacy and pleasure!