Event Theme: Winter Fire in Wonderland

Climb down the rabbit hole with us on a journey to Wonderland. This year’s theme is based on “Alice in Wonderland” and we are going to have a ball as we descend into whimsey and madness.

“Off with their cocks!” or was that heads … who cares … either way the good times will roll. The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, and the rest of the gang will be easy fodder for our perverted pleasures.

The details are very far from complete… special events, workshop tie in, performances are still being finalized. But “We’re late, we’re late” and registration must open now!

But you can do more than just bring your favorite costume. If you have a fun idea, why not submit it as an Ion and help us make the magic happen. Check out the Ion Submission Form for more details on how to really become part of all the fun!

2024 Events – Under Construction

We have only just started to pull all our great events for Winter Fire.  Below are just a few of the things you will see at the event with loads more that are still under development.  Check back soon for all the great things we will be doing.


Rachel Lark’s Rabbit Hole Cabaret

Follow sex-positive rockstar Rachel Lark down the rabbit hole for a sideshow cabaret that will feed your head and blow your mind. Critically acclaimed while unapologetically low-brow, Lark’s performances are a hilarious and delightfully disorienting mix of heartfelt, raunchy, and brilliant. Rachel is a kinky, polyamorous, queer musician who celebrates pleasure in her folk punk songs about sex & relationships. Imagine a cross between No Doubt and Bo Burnham, if they met in a dungeon. Lark is the creator of Coming Soon, an acclaimed rock musical about one woman’s quest to stop faking her orgasms. Featured on The Savage Lovecast, Bawdy Storytelling, and The Dildorks, Lark has “become the poster girl for period sex” according to

Rachel Lark brings her legendary wit and a crew of talented sideshow performers to Dark Odyssey for a raucous cabaret that is not to be missed!

Speed Dating

Hosted by Annabelle Blue Looking for a quick way to connect with other kinksters? Start your weekend off with Kinky Speed Dating. It’s an afternoon of new beginnings and first impressions that lets you meet A LOT of new people fast! These informal sessions create 3-5 minute chats with the person across from you … and then BING … you’re off to meet someone new! Kinky Speed Dating is open to all genders, and orientations. Come make the rounds with us, make new connections, take a risk, but only for 5 minutes!

Dark Odyssey Photo Booth

Get a souvenir picture in your best outfit, or a group shot with your friends. These pictures are private and you don’t have sign a model release. *There is a small per picture courtesy fee to our photographers

    • Location: The Dungeon
    • Time: 10:00pm -12:00am
    • Featuring our fantastic photographers on both Friday and Saturday

“I Blew Off Work” Mixer

Ready to get the weekend rolling but your room isn’t yet? Arrived before the rest of your party and want to meet other folks who are just as excited to be here as you are? Come mix and mingle in the hotel bar with other fellow kinksters. Street-legal clothing required, no play allowed.

VIP Charity Reception

Hosted by Judy Guerin and Mistress Mir Beverages and beyond! Join Judy and Mir for our annual charity reception sponsored by the DC Dommes and DC sub club. A $50 charitable donation makes you a VIP too. Just us on Friday, 6-8 pm, Suite 1518. $50 donation. More info and tickets at the silent auction table or call 202-494-9555


Hosted by Sejay If you’re new to Dark Odyssey &/or new to weekend play party events in general, be sure to attend our one-of-a-kind Orientation. Sejay and a fellow experienced conference hottie will model the amazing things you’ll see throughout your weekend. Come enjoy our interactive ask-for-a-date practice game, playspace etiquette with sexy demos, overview of the hotel spaces we’ve perverted – err converted for you, & tips to maximize your good time at play-oriented conferences. Orientations are only 45 minutes & happen multiple times throughout the weekend. Plus, first-timers get a free gift!

… More to Come

  • Queer Social and Orgy
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • POC Mixer/Party
  • Dark Odyssey Brain Storming Session
  • RiTL (Recovery in the Lifestyle)
  • Cloting Swap
  • Participating Group Socials and Parties
  • Thursday Night Early Arrival Happy Hour

We have a ton of events in the works that we just aren’t quite ready to announce. But don’t worry … all your favorites will be back and we have a bunch of new ideas brewing that are on theme.

Have an idea?

Submit an Ion and help us create the magic!