Rope Handling and Body Mechanics: Perilous Partials - Chingon Cuerdas

This class will cater to those who wish to begin introducing gravity into their play. Partials can be a new element to expand creativity in your scene. Concepts will be introduced for developing logics for poses and on-the-fly thinking needed before entering suspension. We’ll discuss how attachment points on ties can affect angles and stresses on the body as well as quick, efficient, and safe(r) upline management. Depending on time we will go through 1-2 predicament partial sequences.
*Hands On - Intermediate*
*Requirements: 8-12 natural fiber ropes 25-30 ft. Suspension Equipment such as a ring or climbing grade carabiners. A non-collapsing single column cuff, a solid suspension worthy TK or chest harness that can be lifted from multiple points, and a good understanding of tension for tying. Bottoms must be able to effectively communicate to their tops for any adjustments during the class. Both tops and bottoms must have solid floorwork fundamentals skills.*

Presented By:
Chingon_Cuerdas & ADelightfulPain