Understanding the Takate Kote as a Rope Bottom - Ebibex

The gote. Box tie. Takate kote. TK. It’s one of the most common ties in Japanese-inspired rope bondage, but also one of the more risky. As bottoms, we may not always know if something is tied well or not, or know someone’s proficiency with rope, or even what the potential dangers of a specific tie like the TK are. What exactly is this infamous, controversial tie? What are the pros and cons of it? How does it work, and why is understanding this as a bottom important? What are the variations across all ties referred to as “TKs” and how can we as bottoms figure out which modifications work best for our body? Through discussions, demos, and hands-on exercises, this class will cover different ways to evaluate someone’s TK if you don’t tie, the real risks of the TK and how to decide if it’s within your risk profile, and how to find a TK that works for your body and rope practice. Note: This is a bottom-focused class, but tops are welcome! And bring a rigger along if you want to participate in hands-on exercises.

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