About Us



Dark Odyssey was created in 2003 as a wholly unique experience, built to bring together sexuality, spirituality, education, and play in a fun, supportive, non-judgmental environment where fantasy becomes reality. Since that time, Dark Odyssey has become the home of top-notch play spaces, creative amenities, and inspiring events where people can have truly immersive experiences.

As a community, Dark Odyssey is a melting pot of diverse identities and interests that welcomes people of all genders, sexual orientations, and erotic persuasions. We are sex-positive with interests as diverse as BDSM, swinging, Tantra, body modification, Master/slave relationships, erotic role-playing, sacred sexuality, polyamory, Paganism, cross-dressing, and sexual adventure. We appreciate that everyone has their own fetishes, kinks, and turn-ons, and we strive to make room for them all in an open, tolerant and inclusive atmosphere.

Whether diving into our four major events (Winter Fire, Fusion, Summer Camp, and Surrender) or exploring Happy Hour, you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of sexual energy and experimentation that will add excitement and passion to your world and create deeper levels of connection between you and your partners. Our mission is to build a magical place where you can live out your wildest fantasies and dreams, and find a home away from home as adventurers of sex, kink, connection and spirit.

The Producers:

Greg L— has been immersed in the kink world for way more than a decade, from crafting to educating to planning. he began his kinkalicious journey as an infant, when he decided to explore breath play, causing the doctor to provide some extra swats for good measure. Years later he founded the Toy Bag where he perfected the art of building exotic wood and leather paddles to delight and torment himself and others.

Greg branched out into the education realm, by serving on the Board of Black Rose for six years (with three as Chairman). Afterwards he founded Dark odyssey as a way to focus on one of his true loves,“throwing the big party.” Even with 60 major conventions under his belt (and that’s not all that is under his belt!), he still enjoys spreading the kinky gospel and creating new play opportunities for the BDSM community across the country. If you see him, say hi. he loves to meet kinksters, new and old, and as always, looks forward to making this the best event yet.

Karri established her scene presence by starting the CATS sig for Black Rose, and after working on a number of their annual conventions, was hooked for life on being a part of the “big event”! In addition to her Black Rose adventures, karri branched out to gain more experience in all things kink, and thus was very active in the TNG group. But the wanderlust deep inside her could not be satiated, and so she set off for parts unknown. But never fear, dear reader, for not all those who wander are lost! Though she now lives internationally with her partner in crime (and a cat named Pumpkin), karri can still be found at all the Dark odyssey events, accompanied by her radio and always a minion or two. Never one to let her skills go to waste, karri can often be found tormenting those lucky enough to be chosen, taking out her aggression on them in the most torturously delightful ways. When not busy, she cruises around camp on her golf cart, always seeking out new adventures and distractions. She is always on the go, but absolutely loves to meet new attendees, so please don’t be shy!


Without the tireless work of our volunteer staff, Summer Camp would just be a good idea wishing it could happen! We’d like to thank the amazing group of people who come together each year to create this outstanding event. They are not just our friends, they’re a part of our family.