Summer Camp 2024

Pricing Structure

Summer Camp has a festival style – a la carte – pricing structure.  Thus, whether you come for just the weekend or stay all week, whether you stay in cabins or bring your own tent, enjoy our comprehensive meal plan or cook for yourself… you get to design a Summer Camp experience that works best for you!

Entrance Fees

Summer Camp Weekend is Friday – Monday, August 30 – Sept 2, 2024. Your entrance fee covers the entire weekend, Friday through Monday. You have complete access to all our workshops, classes, parties, and special events every day (and night) through Sunday. On Monday everyone leisurely packs and heads back to the real world, after final kisses, connections, and trading contact information. Tenting is included in your Entrance Fees. There are 15 RV spots available for an additional $375/event. Everyone must pay the entrance fee to get into camp. There is an additional entrance fee for arriving on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (See Extra Days).

General Parking Fee

There is a $30 per vehicle general parking fee.  You will have full in/out privileges.  We know this is a change from prior years.  The site has limited parking and we encourage you to carpool with a friend!  The parking fee will be collected on-site and is Cash Only.

Cabin Beds

If you would like to stay in one of our 40 cabins, then simply sign up for a cabin bed.  There is a $180 fee per cabin space for the weekend. After you register you will be able to join one of our existing theme cabin groups or start one for your of your own friends and family.  Many groups spend time and energy decorating, bringing their own cabin supplies (including one group that has brought their own inflatable hot tub to past Dark Odyssey events)… while others just enjoy the ease of having a bed to sleep in.

Meal Plan

Summer Camp will be action-packed and potentially hectic – we really want to make sure you eat and drink enough all weekend.  Thus, we recommend you enjoy our meal plan which will give you a hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner all weekend long. Each meal features a main entree, Vegan and Gluten Free option plus a large salad bar.  Refreshments include coffee, juice and other drinks. There is even an automated espresso machine. But the real advantage of the meal plan is that you take time to sit down and really get to know lots of other kinksters at the event.  Eating together is what helps us create a community.  We hope you’ll take the meal plan and join us for dinner … and breakfast and lunch too!

Extra Days

Since this is your summer vacation and not just a weekend, we’ve made it possible to add a few extra days to your stay in the perverted Garden of Eden. You can join us as early as Tuesday and just relax and unwind at camp before the crowd arrives for the weekend.  Come in early to lounge at the pool, walk in the woods or do an extended sensory deprivation scene and not feel like you’ve missed a special event or lecture. These pre-event days are the favorite time for most of the staff as we get a chance to all be together in a smaller group and really bond. Entrance Fees are $80/day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Cabin Beds are also $60/night. The Meal Plan is $50/day. All options must be the same throughout the weekend, so if you want a bed or the meal plan over the weekend, you also have to take them on your extra days. It’s just too complicated to allow people to pick which nights they want to eat or take a bed, it’s all or nothing, sorry. Typically a third of the camp shows up on Tuesday. About a third on Wed/Thursday. The remaining third joins camp “already in progress” on Friday. Everyone has raved about the pre-days. We hope you’ll consider joining us on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday as well this year.

Resort Option

In order to hold costs down and make camp run as smoothly as possible, it is necessary for all attendees to put in few hours of help around the camp during the course of the weekend. The chores are usually very simple (working at registration, watching the front gate, serving the midnight snack, driving a golf cart, etc), and often don’t last the full time slot they are committed to. Besides, they are a great way to meet new people. However, a “resort option” is available that allows you to opt out of the 4 hours of chores for $75 should you so choose.


(Friday to Monday)
Participating GroupStandard
Standard Rate - through July 22nd$275$285
Late Rate - through Aug 5th$290$300
Last Minute Rate$305$315
Your entrance fee offers full access to all classes, parties and special events all weekend long. Tenting is included. (Does not include a cabin bed, RV, or the meal plan)
OPTIONSParticipating GroupStandard
Cabin Bed/Space (Weekend - Fri-Mon)$180$180
Meal Plan
(Weekend Meal Plan - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all weekend and Brunch on Monday)
Resort Option
(Opt out of doing 4 hours of chores)
(Includes - Pillow, Sheets, Towels and Comforter)
Pillow Only
(Includes - Pillow and Pillow Case)
RV Parking$375$375
General Parking (All Cars/Trucks/SUV's etc)
Collected onsite - Cash only

(Arrive on Tues, Wed or Thurs)
Participating GroupStandard
Entrance$80 - per day$80 - per day
Cabin Bed$60 - per day$60 - per day
Meal Plan$50 - per day$50 - per day


  • All registration rates are per person.
  • Gift registrations become the property of the named registrant. Only the named registrant may cancel or transfer their registration.
  • The last day to cancel and receive a refund is August 5, 2024.
  • The last day to transfer a registration is August 5, 2024.
  • Cancellations, and transfers are subject to a $75 per person handling fee.
  • Partial Cancellations are subject to a $40 handling fee. (e.g. cancelling a meal plan or cabin bed)
  • The following procedure must be completed in order to cancel registration and obtain a refund: A written request for refund sent to Your legal registered name must be present on your request. A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of the cancellation request.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and cancel their registration. If we cancel your registration you will receive a full refund.

Summer Camp 2024