Playing Publicly as a Human Animal at Kink Events & Critter Romp - Lady Plume

Interact with other human animals and their handlers in a play-positive atmosphere filled with romping, barking, purring, flapping, petting, and scritches. We will share a 45-minute discussion of how to interact successfully as a critter at a public kink event (what’s a romp?; consent; manners and appropriate behaviors; recommended equipment; and toy suggestions). Then we’ll have our own Critter Romp on padded mats to protect knees. There’ll be lots of chasing, pouncing, excited yipping, and it often ends in a big cuddle pile. Participate with or without a partner; wear gear or skip it; customize your play from gentle to energetic. The Critter Romp will be monitored, there will be toys to share but feel free to bring your own.

Presented By:
Lady Plume