Do it Like an Animal: Pet Play - EroticWetAtomic

Are you looking to get into (human) pet play? Are you a pet player who wants some fresh ideas? Are you a (human) pet owner looking for some fun new activities to do with your pet? This class is the for you! While the focus is mostly on puppy play, we will discuss all kinds of pet play and all pets and handler types are welcome. Kitties, ponies, foxes, wolves, beasts and alpha dogs are also discussion topics. We will talk about both "head space" pet play, humiliation pet play and sexual pet play. Lots of ideas for you and your human-animal friend.

This class will cover the following topics:
What is pet play?
Intro to pet play
Different kinds of pets and the roles they play (role play, safety, humiliation/forced, degradation, dehumanization, sexual, leather, etc)
Does being a pet mean you have to be submissive?
Different roles top-types play
Safety concerns and precautions in pet play
Putting together a great pet play kit on a budget
Making your pet play experience awesome
Incorporating animal behaviors and body language into your scenes.

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