Lady Plume

Lady Plume (she/her) is an experienced bondage top, enthusiastic bondage bottom, and sadomasochistic switch who discovered early on her kink path that bondage, rough body play, and knives do lovely things to her personal energy. She happily identifies as a primal cat, girl in service, sadist, Daddy, teacher, bondage lover. Her fascinations include power dynamics, service, education & teaching, leather, bondage, animal role play, playfulness & creativity, and playing hard along the psychological edges of kink. She is a group leader for Mid-Atlantic Mummification & Encasement and Mid-Atlantic Kinky Critters groups. You can often find her volunteering, presenting, or organizing kink events in VA/DC/MD (Studio 58 & Naughty Noel, TES Fest, Dark Odyssey, and many more).

Lady Plume's Workshops

Pervertables & Creative Materials for Animal Role Play - Lady Plume

This hands-on session will discuss how to assess your goals for your petplay scene and determine whether a wide variety of alternative materials might enhance your scene. Most of the class will center around using fun alternatives to traditional bondage and BDSM play (impact & sensations). It will also cover adding personalized and decorative/artistic touches using pet pervertables, adhesive stickers & tapes, crafting materials & props to achieve your scene goals. Materials will be provided for folks who wish to try out these techniques during the class.

Playing Publicly as a Human Animal at Kink Events & Critter Romp - Lady Plume

Interact with other human animals and their handlers in a play-positive atmosphere filled with romping, barking, purring, flapping, petting, and scritches. We will share a 45-minute discussion of how to interact successfully as a critter at a public kink event (what’s a romp?; consent; manners and appropriate behaviors; recommended equipment; and toy suggestions). Then we’ll have our own Critter Romp on padded mats to protect knees. There’ll be lots of chasing, pouncing, excited yipping, and it often ends in a big cuddle pile. Participate with or without a partner; wear gear or skip it; customize your play from gentle to energetic. The Critter Romp will be monitored, there will be toys to share but feel free to bring your own.

Setting Your Intentions - Lady Plume

Start your event in a thoughtful way. Which energies or activities do you really want to experience at this year’s Winter Fire? We will share a few tools and the thinking space to help you identify your intentions (aka goals). Then write them down so you can channel your energy towards achieving your intentions throughout the weekend. Supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring your own journal. No crafting experience or ability are necessary.

Successfully Navigating the Public Scene for Age Players - Lady Plume

Age-related role play is much more than cute girls wearing diapers. It covers any activities where consenting adults interact as older or younger personas and may include age regression, childlike play, power exchange, role play, BDSM/kink, sex, and fetishes. This interactive class will discuss how to identify your favorite aspects of age play and use that knowledge to successfully navigate the public BDSM and/or age play communities. We will cover expectations; general etiquette; appropriate behavior towards other age players; and consent for different types of events.