D/s without a Tradition: Power Exchange for the rest of us - James and Rebecca Doll

I don't feel a connection with leather tradition and I'm not interested in Gor. Is there D/s for the rest of us? Traditions of power exchange with a strong ownership or Dominant/submissive dynamic tend to emphasize tradition, to the extent some people don't feel they can "belong." Nobody has a copyright on the concept of personal, consensual, lifestyle Dominant/submissive relations, but fictional models such as 50 Shades fall well short of delivering a viable framework. Personal D/s is an a la carte tradition, but you'll walk away with a game plan for defining your needs and style in D/s. Great for those who are thinking about taking the step into D/s and useful for anyone who isn't quite sure if their current dynamic "fits."

Presented By:
James Gordon, Rebecca Doll