Rebecca Doll

Rebecca Doll enjoys being pretty and pleasing and an object of admiration, and is an exhibitionist pain slut of the highest caliber. She loves being put through her paces publicly and takes great joy in leaving her audience with mouths agape at the end of her scenes. While beatings are fun, she is most fond of anything that draws blood - either her own or someone else's. Physicality is not the core of her interests, however. As a member of House of Artemisia, she spends a significant amount of her time focused on exploring the more twisted desires of the human mind, and applying her academic background, including putting her Masters degree in Education to use in understanding the human needs for control, violence, and self-destruction.

Rebecca Doll's Workshops

D/s without a Tradition: Power Exchange for the rest of us - James and Rebecca Doll

I don't feel a connection with leather tradition and I'm not interested in Gor. Is there D/s for the rest of us? Traditions of power exchange with a strong ownership or Dominant/submissive dynamic tend to emphasize tradition, to the extent some people don't feel they can "belong." Nobody has a copyright on the concept of personal, consensual, lifestyle Dominant/submissive relations, but fictional models such as 50 Shades fall well short of delivering a viable framework. Personal D/s is an a la carte tradition, but you'll walk away with a game plan for defining your needs and style in D/s. Great for those who are thinking about taking the step into D/s and useful for anyone who isn't quite sure if their current dynamic "fits."

Makeup for Mischief - Rebecca Doll

Are you fascinated by dramatic makeup looks but unsure of how to achieve them? Do you love the idea of creating a perfect look to have utterly wrecked along with you in your play? Whether you already dabble or are a total beginner, join accomplished makeup monarch Rebecca Doll as she helps guide you through a variety of tips and tricks to refine your artistic skills and level up your makeup game so you can add a whole new layer of depth to your scenes! We will have a chance to practice together, so bring your brushes and palettes to class!

Negotiation for Power Exchange - James and Rebecca Doll

From marks to hard limits you know how to negotiate a BDSM scene. But Power Exchange is not sceneplay. Is their bank account, child, transportation, and job just an afterthought? "Sure I won't interfere with those." Often when power exchange collides with real life, we don't have a plan. This class focuses on negotiations outside of sceneplay. Other partners, time away, safer sex, chains of command, families and finances, approached from the standpoint that there is no "right" and "wrong" only a power dynamic that suits your individual needs.