James Gordon

James Gordon grew up learning kink on the internet and in the bedroom in the 90s through friends, partners, the internet, books, and eventually clubs and events. He became interested in Power Exchange dynamics in the early 2000s and, over the course of two decades of practical experience and focus on the human mind, has moved towards a modern interpretation of power exchange that explodes old myths, stereotypes, and gender roles, to reach for the core concepts of the human need for structure, chaos, dominance, and submission. He has held a Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy, though he is not currently practicing and focuses primarily on aspects of hypnosis, including ethical principles and consent, relevant to the Kink Community.

James Gordon's Workshops

D/s without a Tradition: Power Exchange for the rest of us - James and Rebecca Doll

I don't feel a connection with leather tradition and I'm not interested in Gor. Is there D/s for the rest of us? Traditions of power exchange with a strong ownership or Dominant/submissive dynamic tend to emphasize tradition, to the extent some people don't feel they can "belong." Nobody has a copyright on the concept of personal, consensual, lifestyle Dominant/submissive relations, but fictional models such as 50 Shades fall well short of delivering a viable framework. Personal D/s is an a la carte tradition, but you'll walk away with a game plan for defining your needs and style in D/s. Great for those who are thinking about taking the step into D/s and useful for anyone who isn't quite sure if their current dynamic "fits."

Negotiation for Power Exchange - James and Rebecca Doll

From marks to hard limits you know how to negotiate a BDSM scene. But Power Exchange is not sceneplay. Is their bank account, child, transportation, and job just an afterthought? "Sure I won't interfere with those." Often when power exchange collides with real life, we don't have a plan. This class focuses on negotiations outside of sceneplay. Other partners, time away, safer sex, chains of command, families and finances, approached from the standpoint that there is no "right" and "wrong" only a power dynamic that suits your individual needs.