Sir C

Sir C is a sadistic, queer, poly, rigger, Master and BDSM educator. She is known for her interesting training perspectives, unique M/s philosophy, and "evil" genius. Don’t let her resting bitch face fool you… She is an energetic and engaging instructor who could be the love child of Martha Stewart and Hannibal Lecter. She offers fresh perspectives and actionable advice in all of her classes.

Sir C's Workshops

Cock and Ball … Torture? - Sir C

CBT is used here, as a catchall phrase for techniques that center on the cock and balls. Once you understand the anatomy, both the obvious and not so, the possibilities for CBT are nearly limitless. In this lecture and demo class we’ll cover the anatomy, the science of what can be done safely, my techniques for CBT (ranging from bare hands to specially designed tools), and finally apply the science to make you own tortures. Tops and bottoms encouraged to attend. Bring cock and balls if you got ‘em. Instructor will pair the unpartnered, willing and suitably equipped to learn the ties.

Needles for Bondage - Sir C

Sometimes you want more from your needles than the shine, beauty and blood - sometimes you want them to really do the work. What if they could create restraint and predicaments too? In this class, Sir C combines basic needle technique with perverse mechanical thinking. The result: a fresh view of what's possible with these tools. The tensile strength of skin is great and the signal of pain, universal. We will use that message to craft needle bondage scenes for beauty and impact. Sir C uses precision, skill, and steel to craft control and suffering. Join us and learn how to incorporate this mindset in your own play. Bring a partner or team up in class. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded players. Early in the session we will facilitate the matching up of solo practitioners. Needles, skin prep, and cord are provided.

Predicament Scenes: Damned If You Do. Damned If You Don’t - Sir C

Predicaments are difficult, perplexing, or trying situations. Whether crafted as a trial, a test of dedication, or simple entertainment, predicaments make for fun, imaginative scenes. This is Sir C's most talked about class. Watch her demonstrate the sadistic glee and clever challenges found in difficult choices. She has been known to pit a bottom's muscle fatigue against the threat of drowning or reward them for nearly choking themself to steal a kiss. We will cover types of predicaments with examples, the foundation of safe predicament scenes, and any remaining time will be dedicated to an improvisation period, where we will create the predicaments together.