(She/Daddy Fox) A genderfluid and Sadistic rigger whose dynamic style keeps Bottoms on their toes. Passionate about every BODY belonging in rope, Ropeosaur values diversity, openly working with chronic pain and partners of varying body shapes, sizes, and gender-identities.
Outside of kink, Ropeosaur is a full-time healthcare professional with a Master’s degree and Plant Daddy to their garden. Ropeosaur also hosts a monthly, private, Queer Rope Jam with the Cyrenaics, where she is fostering the growth of the future of Queer/femme rope. New to teaching, Ropeosaur hopes to inspire others into their capacity of Topping, regardless of size or gender expression.

Ropeosaur's Workshops

Intro to Dynamic Suspensions - Ropeosaur

So, you’ve got your Bottom in the air, now what? If you’re looking to take your suspensions to the next level and add some transitional movement to make your Bottom fly all over your rig, this is the class for you! The class will start by showing an example of what a dynamic rope scene may look like, we will discuss from both the Top/Bottom perspectives the who, what, where, how, and why of dynamic rope. We will also be diving into safety considerations, how to develop a flow, communication, and how to make things extra spicy with minimal effort. This will lead to a return demonstration portion of the class where participation is expected as we run through a short sequence of dynamic rope together.