Patch Kyaio

Patch is a dynamic and engaging percussionist whose spiritual and musical passions have come together to form a personal path that is as loud as it is enlightening. A self-professed rhythmancer, he has been slapping flesh and practicing percussion with a focus on djembe for over 2 decades, finding his connection with the world through the drum. His influences range from Traditional African, Middle Eastern and Caribbean traditions to Jazz, Hip Hop, Folk, Metal and everywhere in between. With an indomitable spirit and an infectious smile, Patch weaves rhythm into every aspect of his life and teachings. His work has included education and performance for colleges, public and private schools, music festivals, kink festivals, professional instructional seminars, and more!

Fetlife: BlackMark3tBaby

Patch Kyaio's Workshops

Butt Drumming! - Patch Kyaio

Come join us as we explore the excitement and enjoyment of percussive impact play! Hands meet flesh in this memorable and entertaining experience of bootylicious musicality. We will be demonstrating and instructing on the intricacies and intimacies of hand drumming on someone's gluteal instrument (or other desired areas) and jamming out in sexy, slappy, mutually-enjoyable drum fashion! Bring a butt/bottom!

Drumming 101 - Patch Kyaio

In this workshop, we will be going over the basics of hand drumming as well as some practice techniques and fun rhythms! The skill level of the workshop will be determined by the skill level and knowledge-hunger of the class, not to exceed any one person's ability.

Open Jam Session! - Patch Kyaio

Bring your drums/instruments/flesh whatever you choose to make sweet sweet music with as we get together and jam out! Every face is welcome, anything that makes noise is welcome, anyone with a desire to connect and rock out is welcome! Join Patch for rampant, raucous, rhythmic rampage ranging from righteous to rowdy as we celebrate each others sounds and collaborate in the most connective and organic ways!

Rhythm Magic and The Universe - Patch Kyaio

Have you ever FELT the drums? Have you ever stared into a fire while your heart beats outside your body from the cacophonous roar of the drums? Whether you have or haven't, that will be the beginning of our journey. The FEELING of the drums. Playing, or listening, allowing yourself to be carried away by the energy of rhythm. We will be focusing on the healing power of the drum and its ability to help us in physical, emotional and spiritual ways as it walks our life journey with us, punctuating our NOW. We will utilize rhythm to help facilitate meditation and trance as we explore the ebbs and flows of our own heartbeat.