Mr O

Mr O is a creative sadist with a love of medical play, a penchant for violent grappling scenes, and a very cute bum. Having spent 15+ years as a jiu jitsu competitor and instructor, he has found ways to apply his knowledge of body mechanics to kinky play and shares that in his teaching. Active in the Canadian BDSM scene since 2005, he regularly puts on workshops in the Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa areas on subjects including wrestling, grappling and medical play. With an engineering based background and scientific mind, he is known for continually inventing new devices and ways to hurt people “for science”. When he's not being nice he can be a bit mean. And vice versa.

Mr O's Workshops

Intro to Kinky Wrestling - Mr. O & Ropeybunny

This interactive, introductory level session shows the application of submission wrestling for play. The focus is on techniques that are easy to learn and apply, allowing both players to enjoy their scene safely. We'll look at how we can bring them to the ground and get on top of them, and the things we can do with them once we are there. This is a hands on workshop so any clothing worn should be comfortable, and it is suggested to attend with a partner if possible.

No More Secrets: Interrogation Play - Mr. O & Ropeybunny

The interrogation scene is a fantasy for many of us, and we’ll dive into different ways to go about it. This class looks at various styles of interrogations, both for people we know well, and those who are new to us. Topics include planning and negotiations; starting and ending scenes; physical, mental and psychological techniques; and safety considerations. A demonstration of some of the methods discussed will be provided. Participants are welcome to ask questions... now that you know how to make us answer.

Quick ties for fun times - Mr. O & Ropeybunny

This workshop will teach simple ties that we can use to restrain our partner for kinky and/or sexual play. The focus is on ties that we can put on quickly, sometimes with a single rope. There will be no suspension, but we will discuss ways that we can use hardpoints, furniture or other objects to further restrain our partners. Previous rope experience is not needed, although prior knowledge of single and double column ties will allow you to proceed more quickly. Participants should bring ropes with them. We suggest 2-4 lengths (7-8 meters) of natural fibre rope. We will have a limited number of ropes on hand that we can lend. It is suggested that attendees come with a tying partner (or group), most of the ties will be difficult or impossible to self tie.

Saline infusion play - Mr. O & Ropeybunny

Saline infusion gives us a way to temporarily inflate a body part. Whether it is a scrotum, labia, breast or lips, there's always a place for it. We'll talk about the reasons why we would want to do this, how it affects the top and bottom, and ways we can incorporate it into other play. There will be a demonstration showing the procedures and materials to use.