Up UP Upline - Lexa Grace

In this class we will start at the beginning and go as deep into the depths as we can together! There are so many choices we can make with our uplines, and this will be all about delving into the why’s. We will begin with traditional upline attachments, like the "y hanger" or epsilon, the side suspension "y hanger", as well as a simple single column and then we will look into other ways you might want to attach to something depending on the situation. We will discuss things like, when and why you might want or need to "collapse" a hanger and look at how doing so affects our rope. You will have the opportunity to explore upline flow and direction, how to make a decision on which way to move your rope and lock off choices (as well as the reasons behind them). Finally, we will go over line management/possibilities for how to get rid of your extra rope as neatly and safely as possible! This class is meant to dig into as many ways and whys as we can! There will be time for questions, practice and discussion! Students should know how to tie a non collapsible single column tie and should have at least 2 lengths of rope with them as well as a cutting tool.

Presented By:
Lexa Grace