Futomomo’s and Futonono’s: A class on bent leg ties - Lexa Grace

In this class Lexa will teach about bent leg ties, often heard of, by their Japanese name, Futomomo. Whereas, a lot of riggers think a “futomomo” is a set pattern, in reality, it is simply the name of the position the leg is tied in and translates directly to "fat leg" in Japanese. We will discuss what makes a bent leg tie best suited for specific situations, like floor play vs suspension worthy, different body types and all sorts of details in between. We will practice the concepts, possibilities and variations, to build off of and create a ton of different options for play. This class is suitable for all levels. Students should be able to tie a non collapsible single column tie, and have 2-4 hanks of rope and a cutting tool.

Presented By:
Lexa Grace