Quick ties for fun times - Mr. O & Ropeybunny

This workshop will teach simple ties that we can use to restrain our partner for kinky and/or sexual play. The focus is on ties that we can put on quickly, sometimes with a single rope. There will be no suspension, but we will discuss ways that we can use hardpoints, furniture or other objects to further restrain our partners. Previous rope experience is not needed, although prior knowledge of single and double column ties will allow you to proceed more quickly. Participants should bring ropes with them. We suggest 2-4 lengths (7-8 meters) of natural fibre rope. We will have a limited number of ropes on hand that we can lend. It is suggested that attendees come with a tying partner (or group), most of the ties will be difficult or impossible to self tie.

Presented By:
Mr O, Ropeybunny