Not Just for Walking: A Mostly Encompassing Experience of Boot Play - Mr. Fox

Boot play is a broad concept that can be involved in many aspects of kink. From service to degradation to worship, sensual to sadistic to sexual, boot play can even just serve as a general communication style and dynamic. This class will explore, discuss, and demonstrate just some of the ways that boots can be involved in kink and brought into various aspects of a dynamic as well as play in general. Grab your partner(s) if you have one/many and make sure to wear your boots. This presentation, discussion, and participation encouraged experience will involve all the senses and will present you with new ways to use your boots and your partners. Topics of discussion and demonstration will include: How to involve boots and boot play into different relationship dynamics and what that can entail Communicating through your boots Different styles of boot play from gentle and sensational, worship, sadistic, degradation/humiliation/objectification, and sexual play styles