Needle Play 101 - Mr. Fox

Terrified of Needle play but you can't look away? Curious about Needle Play but you've never tried it? Tried Needle Play and want to learn more? no, piercing your own ears with a sewing needle, match, alcohol, and an ice cube doesn't count. Have experience with Needle Play and want a refresher course? Then this is the Needle Play class for you. Taught with a balanced perspective, Needle Play 101 focuses on the basics of Needle Play from a Top perspective but including feedback and comments from/for bottoms. Specific topics will include: Pre-Needle Negotiations Pre-scene prep Pain & Needle play Common basic techniques for needle play Post-Needle clean up Aftercare Try it before you do it (Hands on portion, experience getting stuck and stick a partner with supervision) Safety will be a major portion of this class, it doesn't get its own bullet point because it's heavily involved in all of them.