Get Switchy With It: Navigating play dynamics as a switch - Carter Brûlée

Two switches walk into a dungeon, neither knows who’s in charge so they wind up awkwardly staring at each other, before leaving, going home, and masturbating out of frustration while quietly weeping. Don’t let this happen to you! Learn how to navigate through an experience when there aren’t rigid power dynamics involved! Dynamics in kink are often thought of as bottom and top, dominant and submissive, sadist and masochist. But what happens when both partners are switches? How do you establish a relationship dynamic when both partners want to play multiple roles? How do you set scenes and have play that fulfills each person? How do you negotiate and set boundaries around role switching? Part of the fun of switching for many is fluidity, but fluidity can sometimes complicate our dynamics in play. This workshop focuses on creating dynamics and navigating play between switches. We will discuss strategies for negotiating dynamics and play as well as role transitions. The class is meant to provide things to think about in your own negotiations and play as well as be a venue to share your ideas with others!

Presented By:
Carter Brûlée