Get Your Flirt On - Marcia B

Flirting is an opportunity to be playful with other adults. But new people and situations can get you into your head, and it’s not always obvious whether flirting is wanted or welcomed. So how do you shake off your everyday constraints and get into your sexy space? Can you still flirt if you're feeling awkward? How do you know when someone is flirting with you? Can women flirt with men? What about same-sex flirting? And how can you let your interest be known in a fun, welcomed way? Join Marcia Baczynski - master of the arts of asking for what you want and dedicated flirt - as she shares her humor, wisdom, and creativity in how to navigate the world of flirting. In this lighthearted class, we'll talk about what flirting is — and isn’t! — and play a bunch of fun games to find your inner flirt, access your curiosity, initiate intimacy and embrace your playfulness with others.