Discover Your Erotic Handbook - Marcia B

You can’t ASK for what you want if you don’t know what you want. Get to know your sexual (and sensual) self in this interactive workshop. From how you like to be touched, to what kinds of things make you feel loved, to your personal pleasure profile and your erotic blueprint, we’ll dig into what makes you tick, and write it down so you can make it happen. Interspersed throughout will be simple games to help you get into your body and imagination. Plus, we’ll talk about how to use your Custom Erotic Handbook, make sure the wording is focused on YOUR desires (rather than masking, hiding or smuggling them), and additional things you may want to include if you’re kinky or non-monogamous. Whether you create your handbook just for yourself, or share it with another(s), this workshop is an exploration of sexual self-discovery unlike any other!