Spellbound: Opening night performance extravaganza

Step into a realm of mesmerizing mystique as Twisted Windows brings an enchanting extravaganza to kick off Surrender! Exquisitely erotic, particularly perilous, and whimsically wonderous – join us for a breathtaking spectacle inspired by all things magical. Dark Odyssey presents a line-up of mythical proportions featuring an eclectic mix of acrobatics, dance, suspension bondage, music, drag, burlesque, and campy shenanigans, with performers including Cherry Cola, CeZar the Superstar, Sadira, Shay & Angel, Alotta Boutté, Drago Nesa, Aileen, and Yoko Taketani. Don’t be fashionably late – Lief & Icarus will meld bondage, theatre, art, and connection in a bewitching bondage pre-show starting promptly at 7:50pm.

Attendee costumes are admired but not required (we’re in early Halloween mode this weekend, after all) – think mystical magicians, whimsical wizards, fae folks, otherworldly allure, and anything dazzling and dashing!

The Meet Rack

Hosted by Torque and AnnabelleBlue

Objectification! Groping! Vulnerability!

People on display, and available for you to meet!
The Meet Rack is a chance for people who crave a bit of objectification to go “on the Rack”, while the rest of the convention guests wander around and “Grope the Meat”. People on the Rack are naked or partially clothed, arms bound overhead, and available to be touched (nicely and politely) anywhere they aren’t wearing clothing.

In lieu of the auction we’ll also have a way to let your interest be known to the people on the rack, so there will be an element of speed dating to it as well. And, if the person on the rack chooses, we’ll randomly pick one of their suitors to “win” them for negotiation!
It’s always a blast and something that only comes around once a year!

Look for the Meet Market Event on Fetlife –

Jiffy Kink Speed Friending and Play Finder (and Mixer)

Hosted by Mx Bliss
Jiffy Kink is a facilitated and low-pressure way for kinksters to meet new friends and potential play partners. The mission of Jiffy Kink is simple: multiply joy by helping attendees make new kinky connections. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet several dozen folks and answer a few questions in a low stakes, high-engagement environment. MxBliss will help attendees come out of their shell and provide pointers on flirting, consent culture, and overcoming shyness.

Saturday Morning Cartoons and Crafts!

Do you miss the good old days of waking up early for your favorite cartoons?! Please join us for this nostalgic get together of cartoons, coloring, and crafting! This event is a safe space for altered headspaces around age play dynamics. Caregivers, Bigs, pet players, stuffies, furries, and anyone else who loves honoring their inner child are always welcome to come join the fun!!

Queer Mixer

Hosted by Sejay

Start your weekend right by meeting up with other queers at the Friday night mixer in the hotel bar. Pick up a rainbow sticker for your badge to flag queer throughout the event. Mingle and flirt with the genderfabulous and queertastic by playing Queer Bingo. Chat up a hottie to invite to Saturday’s Queer Orgy over some pie and beverages. Glitter optional!

Kinky Authors Meetup

Get to know some of the great kinky authors attending Dark Odyssey Surrender! They’ll be showing off their wordy ways and giving you the opportunity to meet the minds behind some of kinks best and brightest in literature.

Mixers, Meet-ups and More

Each year we fill all the crooks and cranies of the weekend with social opportunies.  We know you are hear to meet people and we do all we can to facilitate things by asking a ton of local groups to participate by hosting a Mixer, a Meet-up, a party, or whatever speaks to their heart.  Some of our regulars include Treats and Drinks Hosted by: Society of Janus, a POC Meet Up, a FemDom mixer and party Hosted by: The Alpha Academy,  a D/s Social Hour, and a tons of other things.  Does your group want to host something?  Write to with your ideas and ask to get involved!

The Craft Room

Get Crafty: DIY Halloween Decorations

Come craft with us — Halloween decorating! We will have wooden pumpkins, ravens, skulls, and ghouls for you to decorate and bring home with you as a Surrender souvenir.

DIY Kinky Pervertables

Make and decorate your own kinky toys out of affordable everyday items. We provide plenty of household goods for you to pervert, personalize, and pack home with you. From rolling pins to guitar picks, we’ve got all kinds of creative toys to share with you!