xMech (he/they) is a trans, nonbinary, disabled, queer, kinky magician and spirit worker living in the Pacific Northwest. Sadistic, switchy, and gleefully geeky, they enjoy the interweaving of kink and spirituality, sex and magic. xMech works to improve interpersonal connections and queering ideas of sex, kink, and relationships. He has a background in sex education and disability advocacy. Warning- they bite.

xMech's Workshops

Long Distance Poly - XMech

Whether partners are 2 hours away or halfway around the world, it can take a lot more than google calendar to make long distance polyamorous relationships functional and healthy. Sometimes the distance is a six month job placement, sometimes it’s living thousands of miles apart. Distance will multiply the complexity already present in polyamorous relationships. We’ll discuss the challenges, additional dynamics, and helpful approaches to dealing with long distance polyamory. Hopefully leading you to figuring out how to make it work in healthy and fulfilling ways for you, or at least not fucking everyone up.

Topping When You’re Broken - xMech

Disability, injury, age, or illness can change how we approach anything, including sex and kink. Be it broader society telling us we’re broken, or not living up to our own mental model of what a top “looks” like, it can be hard to figure out what topping with disabilities can even be. Are you after a specific act or a sensation? Is it about the tools? Or is it breaking out of the mindset of how something is “supposed” to look? We’ll cover practical approaches to how to have the fun, kinky activities you want to do, as well as shifting your mental paradigm for what that can look like.