Rachel Lark

Rachel Lark is a writer, composer, and performer known for her incisive and catchy anthems about taboo topics. Lark’s music has been heralded for blending heartfelt lyrics with biting political satire, fearless authenticity, and raunchy wit. She has been featured on The Savage Lovecast, Bawdy Storytelling, Risk!Podcast, Salon.com, Billboard, and The San Francisco Chronicle. She is the creator of Coming Soon: A New Rock Musical.

Lark splits her time between NYC and the Bay Area, where she was named one of the most powerful LGBTQ voices by San Francisco Magazine.

Lark’s work empowers people to chase connection, pleasure and political action by inviting audiences into a shared cathartic experience of mutual recognition and shared dissatisfaction with the status quo. She was raised by two feminist philosophers and has been writing music since age 11.