The Erica Rivera

The Erica Rivera is a multifaceted personality, renowned as a boudoir and fetish model, a captivating belly dance performer, and an esteemed instructor. As a seasoned Sexual Health Educator, she hosts the empowering podcast "Sexpertease" and is the visionary founder of the nonprofit, the National CARE Foundation. Committed to supporting survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other traumatic circumstances, Ms. Erica is a dynamic public speaker and advocate for healthy intimacy. With appearances on the late night talk show "The Lowdown with James Yon", the radio syndicated program "Real Laughs" on Real Radio 104.1, and gracing the TEDx-style stage "Elevate Daytona Beach", she brings her expertise to diverse audiences. Proudly Pansexual, ENM and a Switch, Ms. Erica has actively contributed to the alternative lifestyle community since 2008, most notably by fostering inclusivity as the former President of Flagler Pride in NE/Central Florida and currently hosting a monthly Pride Night, locally, that she created for LGBTQIA+ adults in October 2021.

The Erica Rivera's Workshops

Staying Healthy while Staying Open - The Erika Rivera

Explore the intersections of sexual, mental, and emotional well-being in polyamorous and ethically non-monogamous relationships. As a Sexual Health Educator, Ms. Erica will guide you through practical strategies for maintaining sexual health, fostering open communication, and nurturing emotional resilience within non-traditional partnerships. Discover key insights on navigating the unique dynamics of polyamory, promoting self-care, and building a foundation for holistic well-being in the diverse landscape of consensual non-monogamy.

The Sensual Side of Belly Dance - The Erika Rivera

Discover the alluring movements that not only celebrate self-expression but also foster a profound connection with your partner. Unveil the secrets of sensuality through dance, exploring the fusion of body and rhythm to enhance communication, trust, and passion in your relationships. Join Ms. Erica, also known by her stage name, Sadira; a seasoned Belly Dancer and Sexual Health Educator, as she guides you through the art of belly dance as a pathway to heightened intimacy and learn about its empowering impact on the sensual dimensions of human connection. Participants should wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement (i.e. yoga wear) and a hip scarf, even if it's just plain fabric. Be prepared to dance barefoot. Limited coin scarves will be available for purchase during class.