Dark Monk (Chad)

Chad, aka Chaddy, has been learning and teaching spinning arts for 20 years. He runs Dark Monk, founded WildFire and runs a new rope studio, WitchCityRope.

Dark Monk (Chad)'s Workshops

Intro to Poi - DarkMonk

Come learn how to spin two balls on strings. We will cover all the basic moves, including one turn, and give you a solid foundation to build upon. Show up ready to learn, get boobed a few times, and know we all look pretty silly doing this really fun stuff. Experience needed – NONE. Poi will be provided.

Shibari 101: An Overview of Everything - DarkMonk

This is for the beginner that wants a solid understanding/crash course on all things Shibari. We will cover terminology, rope types, play types/philosophies, safety, negotiation, roles, technical examples, basic overview of each building block of a tie, a little history, resources, where to start, suspension overview, and MAYBE a single column tie and one rope basic tie exercise. This is mostly a fast paced lecture, moving through a LOT of topics, with open Q&A as we go. This class may not have any hands-on exercises.