Lubegirl & Sladkiysova

Lubegirl (she/her) is a queer, white appearing POC Switch out of the NYC area. Bubbly, personable, and passionate about kink education on both sides of the slash, her goal is to break the stereotypes and myths of Rope (particularly synthetic), one class at a time. Roux (they/them) is an Non-binary Black Femme from the NYC area. Hanging out in ropes since 2017, their goals have been to make a space for themselves and others in the bottom community while helping tying pairs become more in tune and building trust with each other.


Lubegirl & Sladkiysova's Workshops

Beginner Self Suspension - Lubegirl

Looking to get into self suspension and needing some assistance getting off the ground? Come learn the basics and some new techniques for a static or dynamic suspension so that you too can fly without assistance, be it a face up or side suspension!

Self Tiers should know both a stable chest hands free harness and lower body (waist/hip) harness. Natural and Synthetic ropes are also welcome in this class.

Flow, Tension, and Lockoffs - Lubegirl

Looking for ways to work on your rope flow? Having issues with keeping your synthetics in line, in place, and locked off? Come learn some drills and tips that may help clean up your techniques and strengthen your skill set. Students should be able to do a single column and both natural and Synthetic ropes are welcome in this class.

Suspension for Larger Bodies: Beating Suspension Stereotypes - Lubegirl & Roux

Do you constantly find yourself tying folks taller than you? Is gravity getting you down when you're trying to lift someone into the air? Are you a bottom whose been told that because you're (insert excuse here) you can't be suspended? Come learn some ways to adapt your suspension that makes it easier on you and your bottom while perpetuating the idea that suspension can be for everyone.

Riggers should know both a suspension worthy chest(box tie/hands free) and lower body (waist/hip) harness, Bottoms should have an understanding of good vs bad pain. Natural and Synthetic ropes are welcome in this class.