Alex & Madeline

Alex and Madeline are both trained scientists who adore using their analytical minds and love of learning both in the bedroom and the dungeon. They have been very active in the Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia communities, helping to run BDSM organizations, assisting with large-scale events, and teaching classes on various edge play techniques. They have a reputation for enjoying some of the odder branches of BDSM play and for being lucky to have found each other’s sick minds. Alex can be found on Fetlife at ninjajuicer and Madeline can be found at saltygoodness.

Alex & Madeline's Workshops

Electric Edgeplay - Alex & Madeline

This class focuses on close-in, usually hand-held electricity-delivering devices that deliver a maximum amount of pain with a minimum of effort. We will cover how electricity works, as well as its effects on the human body, with a focus on safety. We will cover the types of play that lend themselves well to close-in electrical play. And then we will discuss and demonstrate some fun, unique toys as well and ways to get the most out of the electric toys that you already have.

Fear and Gross Out Play - Alex & Madeline

Fear and loathing come to the dungeon. This class focuses on figuring out what scares and grosses out your partners and finding out if that is an area that can (or should) be played with. We discuss using emotions such as revulsion and disgust in your play. Discussion of phobias vs. fears as well as respecting your playspace regarding mess or triggering play will take place. Demos will focus on what kind of reactions you can expect from your partners as well as a few idea-starters. Warning, this class does include some things that may be triggering for some (animal products, textures, sounds, and a discussion of smell).

Pallet Wrap Suspension - Alex & Madeline

Pallet wrap is great for keeping the drawers from falling out of your furniture as you are moving, for keeping dozens of cases of potato chips on a pallet when the are loaded onto a truck, and for suspending a bottom with absolutely no rope whatsoever. We make sure that attendees understand that we are not using saran wrap, but instead an industry supply with a high tensile strength. This technique is ideal for just about anyone, including people for whom traditional rope suspensions might be difficult or uncomfortable (due to higher weight, odd centers of gravity, and even some circulation issues)

Waterboarding - Alex & Madeline

Waterboarding is the torture technique that tricks the victim’s brain into believing it is drowning by using an understanding of human anatomy and as little as a cup of water. We cover off on what waterboarding is and is not, because of the large number of misconceptions out there. We give some historical and current event context to the various techniques. We obviously talk about safety and what the realistic risks associated with waterboarding are. We discuss what to expect from a person experiencing waterboarding. We demonstrate three primary techniques (rag over mouth, rag in mouth, and forcing liquid into the sinuses) with some variation on each. Then we answer the large number of questions that usually come up.