Whose Upline is it Anyways? - Sassy & Fearles

Uplines do more than just hold our tying partner in the air - they can create new shapes, sensations, and transitions. In this hands-on class, we go beyond the basics of uplines and dive into all the exciting things that they can do. Come explore how to utilize the ends of your uplines to make static suspensions feel dynamic and create new shapes while burning rope! To participate in this class - The person tying should feel comfortable with suspension and upline management and know a suspension-worthy harness for both the upper and lower body. The person being tied should have a desire to be in suspension rope and the ability to communicate about body placements and positions that are best for them. Bring a partner, your suspension kit, a notebook and writing implement, your creativity, and a cutting tool.

Presented By:
Sassy & Fearles