TK: Which One of *Those* Do You Tie? - Lexa Grace

In this class we will go over a *possible* box tie or arms behind pattern, commonly referred to by its Japanese name, Takate Kote or TK. This class will demonstrate the pattern that Lexa ties most often, but more importantly, will go over the reasons behind each choice made. This isn’t about learning the pattern itself, though you likely can, but more about understanding the why’s and how’s that lead to those decisions. This won’t teach you the *right* pattern, because there truly isn’t one. Different patterns have different strengths and weaknesses, and will be better or worse suited for different bodies. The key here, again, is just to look at the why’s in *one* scenario and take that idea into your practice to think about your rope from a different perspective. We will also focus on tension and rope handling tips as we tie, working to create the harness, while still staying engaged with our partners. And at the end the class will look at Lexa’s favorite way to help her bottoms come out of this position in a protective and connective way. Students should know how to tie a non collapsible single column tie and should be familiar with basic frictions.

Presented By:
Lexa Grace