Principles of Body Mechanics for Rough Body Play - Melee

Have you ever watched a grappling instructor explain a move that looks simple, but when you try it yourself, you just can’t do it? When wrestling with your partner, do you ever have moments where you don’t quite know what to do next? Come learn Principles of Body Mechanics and never be flustered again! In this class, you will learn three fundamental principles of body mechanics and how to apply them in grappling situations. We will begin by learning each principle and the underlying physics that makes it work. Afterwards, we will practice each principle together as Melee guides you through a series of moves you can use, and how the principles apply to that situation. By the end of the class, you will realize that you understood the principles all along, and will be ready to apply them in kink as well as everyday life!
Note: This class will be a hand-on partner class with lots of body movement. Comfortable clothes are recommended and bringing a partner is encouraged. If you are coming solo, there will be an opportunity to pair up during the class.
CW: In this class, we will be practicing in positions of sexual assault. Attend at your discretion.

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