Microbondage: All About the Little Things - Sassy & Fearles

Microbondage: both smaller rope and smaller body parts. Learn the intricate art of paying sadistic attention to the little things. In this hands-on class, we will work with different types of thin rope to experiment with tying faces, toes, tongues, and fingers. In addition to playing with new types of rope, we will discuss safety practices and methods of effective nonverbal communication. Bring your creativity, curiosity, and tiny things to this fun class for all experience levels. To participate in this class - The person tying should have a basic understanding and comfort with tension. The person being tied should be comfortable with finger and/or face rope and have an ability to communicate about rope placement. Bring your creativity, your tying partner and tiny ropes if you have them (tiny rope will also be provided). Please always bring your cutting tool.

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Sassy & Fearles