Intro to Improv Rope - Sassy & Fearles

Making up your own ties and positions is fun, but can be challenging. In this hands-on class, for all skill levels, you will learn how to tie without predefined patterns. We will explore different methods of body manipulation and combine them with rope logic! You will also be provided with tips and tricks for how to make improvisational rope easier. To participate in this class - The person tying should feel comfortable tying a single column, reverse tensions, and munter hitches. The person being tied should have a desire to be in rope and the ability to communicate about body placements and positions that are best for them. It is recommended that you bring a mat or blanket to sit on and two to three hanks of rope. Self-tiers are welcome, as the exercises can be easily adapted for self-tying.

Presented By:
Sassy & Fearles