Guided Tour of Your Front Hole/Vagina - Strap-On Jo

Wonder whether your front hole is “normal”, what a particular bit of skin is that you have on your vagina but haven’t seen on others, or why certain types of pussy stimulation don’t really do much for you or are painful? Concerned that your front hole doesn’t get wet enough or gets too wet? Want to learn all about your vulva / vagina and how your unique anatomical structure affect your personal pleasure and health? Or maybe you think you know everything about your cunt’s anatomy and all of its happy spots? Do you know how to stimulate the legs of your clitoris, the role of your vestibular bulbs, where you have the highest concentration of para-urethral glands, how/where/when your uterus moves, the exact location of your urethral opening, and that you have as much erectile tissue as a person with a penis does? Do you know whether your perineal sponge or anterior fornix enjoy stimulation? Whether you have spent hours gazing at your vagina in the mirror / on camera or your front hole is a total mystery to you, attend this workshop for a guided tour of your vagina. People of any gender(s) with front holes, however you refer to yours, are welcome and respected.

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Strap-on Jo