Grappling for Brats: How to really make your top work for it - Melee

Does it annoy you how quickly your top wins when you tussle? Do you want the skills to frustrate and thwart your top forever? Come learn Grappling for Brats! This thinly-veiled self defense class will teach you tips and tricks on how to escape even the most dire of situations against physically advantaged partners. We will start the class by going over some core concepts of self-defense, as demo’d by Melee. The rest of the time will be devoted to exploring a variety of positions, both standing and lying down, and how to apply these principles to escape the position. Although marketed towards brats, this class is applicable and available to everyone. If you are interested in learning how to defend yourself against a physically advantaged opponent, this is the class for you!
Note: This class will be a hand-on partner class with lots of body movement. Comfortable clothes are recommended and bringing a partner is encouraged. If you are coming solo, there will be an opportunity to pair up during the class.
TW: In this class, we will practice escaping from positions of sexual assault. Attend at your discretion.

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