Anticipatory can be incredibly hot to a top and fulfilling for a bottom. Unfortunately, it can also be awkward, annoying, or just fall flat. Andie will share her love of providing and receiving anticipatory service starting with how to evaluate if it is right for your dynamic. Using demonstrations and personal stories she will walk the class through introducing anticipatory service to your dynamic to ensure success on both sides of the slash. Speaking to the bottoms in the room Andie will give detailed guidance on how to start building your skills in anticipatory service including attention to detail, gaining satisfaction even when the D-type does not notice and suggestions on where to begin. For the folks on the other side of the slash Andie will cover how to accept anticipatory service, even if it does not feel natural, and ways to ensure your s-type is successful in their service. Using a few demos Andie will show just how wonderful anticipatory service can be and how to adjust on the fly to avoid it going off the rails.

Presented By:
Miss Andie