Age play, with consenting adults, can be so fun and super fucking hot! (Miss) Andie who has a little, age 4, and plays with light and fun as well as dark and dirty age play will start by reviewing important child and parent archetypes. She will then take some time to discuss the lighter side of age play including play dates with other littles, story time, coloring and much more. Ever wonder how to incorporate age play into your dynamic or create a space where your partner feels comfortable exploring their little side? Andie will talk about different ways to accomplish this while also covering some key differences between littles and middles as well as different types of caregivers. Want to take your age play to a darker place? Role play with more taboo topics? Andie will share personal stories about her experience with dark age play including using it to reclaim traumatic experiences, indulging in taboo fantasies and how to do all of this while keeping you and your partner safe. Note: This class does not discuss age play under 4.

Presented By:
Miss Andie