BABY'S FIRST SUSPENSION - Lief Bound and Icarus

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. When it comes to suspension, there is no better place to start than the basics. This class is designed for the tying pair who knows stable, loadbaring harnesses and is ready to do something about them. In this class we will talk about general concerns when it comes to suspension, how to negotiate a rope scene, setting up points, and what gear is needed. Then we will learn a suspension sequence that incorporates many basic suspension skills and includes a few transitions so you can take home and practice, build off of and grow! Baby’s first suspension is a great place to start and you will walk away knowing what to do for Baby’s second suspension. Skill Level: intermediate.

Prerequisites: non-collapsing single column ties and structural body harnesses both hips and chest harnesses required. Materials needed: Rope - 8 to 12 hanks of jute or hemp. All suspension gear needed to create a point and uplines including suspension ring, climbing straps, and carabiners. Cutting Tool - Make sure you bring a cutting tool for safety. If you do not have a cutting tool, you will not be able to participate in the exercises.

Presented By:
Lief Bound and Icarus