The Villainous, the Virtuous, and the Victims: a Super-powered Masquerade Ball

It’s time to cast your mild-mannered alter ego aside and suit up for a play party that may well decide the fate of the world! Caped crusaders, masked vigilantes, and sinister world-dominators of all stripes, we want you! Dress up as your favorite hero or villain, or make up your own. Come save the damsel in distress, or be one (or dude in distress, or dude in dis dress, whatever works for you). Enact fiendish plots! Bring justice to the asses of the masses! Be tied to train tracks and subjected to nefarious torture devices. We’ll have our own Fiendish Union of Concentrated Kaos, comprised of the most evil ne’r-do-wells who ever swore to rule all they survey, and pit them against the righteous forces of the Powerful Organization Regulating Naughtiness. Choose your side, switch sides, or play both sides against the other. In this epic showdown, no F.U.C.K.s will be spared by the goodies, and no P.O.R.N. go unwatched by the baddies.

Indecent Enterprises presents: D.O. Dungeon After Dark

You’ve gone to the welcome ceremony. You’ve gone to the intros and the mixers. Now descend from the safety of your rooms down to the space where we can play below the stars, the Dungeon After Dark. As it gets dark and cold outside, heat up with Indecent Enterprises in the D.O. Atrium Dungeon for this late night winter’s play party. The Dungeon will be fully stocked with all styles of play furniture. The dancers will be there to entice and torment as our local DJ’s provide music best suited only for the darkest desires and animalistic needs. The house Doms/Dommes will be on hand to educate, explore, and hurt if asked nicely, and who knows who or what else may be lurking in those dark corners to draw out your deepest and most twisted fantasties…

Dark Wonderland

After the Through the Looking Glass opening ritual, let us lead you down our little rabbit hole so you can start your weekend off in a twisted playscape that would make Lewis Carroll weep. Explore the various stations that offer examples of a variety of experiences to enjoy. Want to be co-topped by Tweedledee and Tweedledum? That can be arranged. Experience impact play with the Queen of Heart’s croquet mallet and other uncommon pervertibles. Get primal with the Bandersnatch. How about a little pet play with the Cheshire Cat?. Indulge in a tea party and poke your inner little with the Mad Hatter. Roast in the Jabberwock’s flames. Then wander over and experience a little vorpal knife play. And after all that, you’ll certainly want to enjoy a snack from the bounty of our “Eat Me/Drink Me” human table. We’ll have a bevy of activities to investigate, designed to test and stretch your senses to their limits.

Dark Odyssey Rope Lounge

Join Belle- to practice all of the ropey fun you have learned right here at Winter Fire. We will have a couple of rigs, and space for floorwork. Belle- will be available for help and advice. This lounge is for skill sharing and for having fun with rope. This is not necessarily a space for a scene. Lounge attendees are encouraged to help each other learn new skills within their ability level.

Love Odysseys and Oddities: True Kink Tales

Hosted By Roughinamorato

After a wild weekend of parties and play, it’s time to unwind with each other, telling tales and swapping stories, and we’re talking the real deal here. Hear the best and worst experiences, your heartwarming and humorous moments, your realizations and epiphanies from your journey in kink. In between the hair-raising and hi-larious, we’ll going to read you some Burn Notices: some of the worst messages from FetLife, OKCupid, and… geez, is Alt still around? The things that made you cry in your In Box will bring us all together for a good laugh tonight. So sit back, take a load off (bring a beverage if you like…), and join us for what should be a rollicking good time with storytelling, a microphone, and all the well-intentioned blunders, hair-raising knuckle-biting, and also some creative horrors the internet’s imaginations has delivered. FetLife discussion here:

Dudes in Distress Orgy: A Celebration of Dude Submission (and Tears)

Hosted by Athena Kali & Ava Starling Do you want to spend the night at an orgy surrounded by beautiful dudes dancing on stripper poles, boys in tears, bois strung up and smacked around, or flexing their gorgeous bodies? Of course you do! Join the lovely ladies who run Dudes in Distress for a sexy party and ritual designed to facilitate making new connections, pursuit of sexual liberation, and exaltation of the male body as an object of desire. In this space, Athena Kali & Ava Starling will share, teach, demonstrate the ancient sex party ritual of opening circle. This arcane and secret ritual, handed down to us by our foremothers, brings participants into a liminal space of possibility, power, and transformation, giving each guest a chance to express their secret wishes to the group, and by giving voice to their desires, to fulfill them. Be sure to arrive on time. **Fifteen minutes after the start of the event, the doors will be closed to new arrivals.** Bring rope, bring toys, bring outlandish costumes, bring your open hearts.

Leather, Latex, & Heels: A Fetish Footwear Event

Do you crave the chance to worship an exquisite pair of shoes or strict boots? Does the feel of latex and leather intoxicate you? Is there some incredible gear you’ve been waiting to show off? At Dark Odyssey Winter Fire 2016, your darkest desires and filthiest fantasies will come to life in a luxurious, intimate setting. Join us for a play event that exclusively celebrates fetish footwear and clothing. Negotiate that fantasy scene you’ve always wanted. Indulge your kinks. Exhibit what makes you feel sexy. Or just watch the debauchery. (We’re pervs like that).

The DO Queer Orgy

When you put a bunch of queers in a room with some furniture and safer sex supplies, anything can happen. Laughter, applause and fucking too. So find that sexy queer you’ve been eying all weekend and get em down to the Queer Orgy and get it on!

Hypnosis, Shiny Lights, Dimmed Minds Party

Hosted by Lee Allure

Come join LeeAllure and other hypnosis fanciers in the hospitality suite Saturday night at 9:00 PM to get all your brainwashing play needs met. We’ll have a quiet space for you to practice, craft new experiences, play with new triggers, pretty lights to stare at and likely lots of shiny!

Fresh Meat Mixer

Hosted by Skyla Fresh Meat is really a term of endearment around these parts.  The Lobby is the best place to meet people, make new friends or reconnect with long lost playmates.  If you are brand new, there is a New Faces Ambassador hanging out at a table near the bar.  Come, relax and get ready for an amazing weekend.  Street-legal clothing required, no play allowed.


“When your cup runneth over, find someone else’s cup to splash into.” -anonymous
One of the beautiful and defining characteristics of our community is our propensity for giving. Whether beatings or hugs, our bodies or our insights, we love to offer something up. Each year, and at each event, Dark Odyssey works to give something back, and to encourage you to do the same, whether on an individual or organizational level. HeartBeats is your chance to do so at Winter Fire 2016. We’ve found three different charities embodying causes that all reflect aspects of what we at Dark Odyssey are trying to create, foster, and embrace within our community. Over the course of the weekend, we’ll have a variety of ways to give something back.
This Valentine’s Day Weekend, show the love for the causes these worthy organizations champion. Bring your willingness to make the world better today than it was yesterday. Bring your desire for a more safe, just, and understanding community. And then put your money where your mouth is, and bring your wallet.

Rough Crowd Mixer

Hosted by RoughInamorato

If you enjoy Violent Displays of Affection and would like to meet and mingle with other fans, aficionados, and admirers of the ol’ VDA, come join us for a Rough Crowd mixer at the bar. Have a drink, meet new friends, and discuss a bit of violence in a congenial and friendly atmosphere. (Please no actual violence at the bar – but you can always take that to the dungeon later on.)

Queer Social

Ever been to a hot and heavy queer happy hour, found a little cutie and wished you had some place to sneak away to get it on? We have that space at Dark Odyssey! Come join us at the Bar in the Host Hotel Lobby. We will make it easy to meet new folks, enjoy a drink, socialize and laugh. Everyone is welcome.

The Ascension of Fire

Hosted by Sacred Mark Sanctuary

What might it feel like for the fire in your heart to be free of the frozen world around us? Sacred Mark Sanctuary will seek to stoke your flame and grow the spark within. Prepare to rise like the flame and fly with a ritual flesh hook suspension. There are limited number of suspensions we can offer based on a first come basis. We must ask for a $50 fee to be suspended. Witnesses are welcome to participate in part of the ritual and share the experience.

The Pull of Winter

Hosted by Sacred Mark Sanctuary

The dark cold of winter seeps into us. We may find our passions frozen, stalled. We may feel as if our hearts are buried in ice. While this is a natural progression of the human experience, there comes a time when we must break free. Join Sacred Mark Sanctuary for a hook pull ritual of connection, release, and steel. For this ritual we will be experiencing the cold around us – please wear comfortable clothes that can expose your chest or plan to perform this ritual shirtless. Witnesses are welcome to participate in part of the ritual and share the experience.

Tiny Backpack Club Happy Hour

Hosted by Lady Plume

Calling all littles, middles, pets, monsters, and those who love us for a Tiny BackPack Happy Hour in the bar. Wear your fanciest clothes; bring your TBP or stuffie or kink toy if it makes you smile; and come be an adult! Meet other friendly folks through our super-low-stress Bingo game. Just grab a Bingo card and slip on an identifying bracelet, talk to participating kinksters, and complete your card. All participants can pick from our Mini-Treasures Chest. Bingo participation is 100% voluntary.

Tantra Puja

Hosted by Amanda Wright

Puja literally means: worship, honor, adoration, respect and homage. Tantra Pujas are rituals created in a safe, sacred space. In this environment we explore, play and connect with ourselves and with others. We learn to remove our masks and to see the Divine in one another – seeing the reflection of ourselves. Through this reflection we are able to become more deeply aware of our true being and our life purpose. Pujas incorporate movement, breath and connection so we can play, love, laugh, explore and release together. I encourage you to join us in the sacred space to find your best self, to hold space for others, and maybe let go of something’s you are ready to release. It’s a safe, nurturing, healing ritual. Singles and partners invited.


Hosted by Sejay

If you’re new to Dark Odyssey &/or new to weekend play party events in general, be sure to attend our one-of-a-kind Orientation. Sejay and a fellow experienced conference hottie will model the amazing things you’ll see throughout your weekend. Come enjoy our interactive ask-for-a-date practice game, playspace etiquette with sexy demos, overview of the hotel spaces we’ve perverted – err converted for you, & tips to maximize your good time at play-oriented conferences. Orientations are only 45 minutes & happen multiple times throughout the weekend. Plus, first-timers get a free gift!

Critter Mosh

Hosted by Stefanos and Shay

Come let your animal out at the Dark Odyssey Critter Mosh with Stefanos & Shay (aka kitty Bianca)! The mosh pit also features an obedience challenge and recognition awards for handlers and critters like: most agile, cutest, silliest, most obedient and more – after all, what critter doesn’t like to have a fancy ribbon to show off? The critter mosh is not just for puppies, kitties, ponies, dragons, and unicorns; single handlers or those who already have their hands (and leashes) full can come too. If you’ve never done pet play, arrive at the start for a brief orientation, or feel free to ask questions as we go along. New animals and handlers are all welcome to come explore… just don’t pee on the carpet!

Great Big Littles Contest

Hosted by Iris Enchanted

Calling all littles, pets, and those who love them! Show off your favorite outfit(s), greatest talent(s), and best trick(s) in the Great Big Littles Contest!
Contestants will be judged on:
  • Stage Presence: Costume, Poise, Confidence
  • Talent: Demonstrate your talent for up to 3 minutes. You may bring anything or anyone that you need
  • The Scouts Code: There will be surprises, be prepared to think on your feet for on-stage games and judges questions
  • Strong Sense of Littles Personality: Be yourself, whoever or whatever that means
If you love to perform, have an idea for a short talent, and are willing to get a little silly on stage, this contest is for YOU! Open to any Little of any gender and species. Sign up as a contestant with LadyPlume or irisenchanted at Arts & Crafts, Littles Orgy, & Sunday Morning Cartoons.
Not competing? Join us in the audience to cheer on the contestants

Sunday Morning Cartoons

Hosted by Iris Enchanted & Lady Plume

Littles, pets, and anyone who enjoys a lazy Sunday morning is welcome to join us as we snuggle up and watch cartoons! Feel free to bring your breakfast, your favorite stuffed animals or toys, blankets, and any quiet activity to play. Stay in the same room for the festive and fun Great Big Littles Contest that follows!

“The Great Escape” Rope Games

Hosted by Rigger Jay

What could be more fun than playing games with rope?! Come to this interactive class and find out just how much rope fun you can have. Do you like to test your ties against a bottom to see if they are securely bound? Do you enjoy struggling and wiggling out of rope ties? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this is the class for you! Participate in a series of timed events in which your skills of tying and escaping will be challenged. Much can be learned from taking part in and/or watching others. No prerequisite to attend. Recommended to have an interest in rope, willingness to have fun. Participation not required, watching the games is quite an amusing experience as well! To participate it is recommended that you bring three or more thirty-foot lengths of rope. Clothesline or something similar from your local home hardware store would work for this class.

Sex Toy Tasting Party

Hosted by Strap-On Jo

Don’t you hate buying an expensive toy, being all excited to get it home so that you can try it out, and then having it totally not work for your anatomy or preferences? Strap-on Jo does! The upsides is that she now has a fairly extensive collection of fancy shmancy vibrators, dildos, and anal toys that you can try out (with barriers of course) so you can avoid expensive toy disappointment syndrome! Jo will be your sex toy tasting sommelier, available to help you decide, based on your past experiences and anatomy, which toys you are most likely to enjoy using or having used on you during this party.

Blues Dance & Mixer

The popular blues dance mixer from previous Winter Fire and Fusion weekends returns! As a partner dance, Blues is all about the non-verbal language of lead/follow, and tuning in to your partner and the music. Sound familiar? Might just be why you see so many of us both at kink events and dances!  Blues is a fun, connection intensive, improvised partner dance on to which you can layer other dance experience or no experience at all. There will be a 45-minute “crash course” workshop, followed by up to 2 hours of social dancing to our very own DO blues DJs. No partner or experience is required; people often change partners between songs. Dress: Whatever you want, within the limits of what is also acceptable in the common spaces of the hotel. Shoes that slide are very helpful.

Meet The Presenters

Did you know that all of our fabulous presenters are also people? It’s true! Didn’t make it to a class? Have a question that you only thought of too late? Come to Meet the Presenters for an intimate chance to learn more about who they are and what else they’re up to, buy their merchandise (get it signed even!), and generally get some quality time with the folk who make our class line-up so spectacular. Bring along your lunch make a time of it.