Syenite is a non-binary femme based in NYC. They are a former moderator of NYC TNG and TES TNG, and they organize a queer-centered kinky sex party called Cakehole. They're a proud smut peddler, an unabashed size queen, a passionate piss player, and an aficionado of all things scary, repulsive, and sadistic. They have been featured on the Off the Cuffs podcast, the Bed Post Podcast, and have taught at Columbia University’s Conversio Virium, Open Love NY, House of Scorpio, International Ms. Leather/Ms. Bootblack, Lesbian Sex Mafia, and Dark Odyssey events.

Instagram - @songofsyenite
Twitter - @songofsyenite
Fetlife - Syenite

Syenite's Workshops

Deepthroating - Syenite

In this class Syenite will be opening up and sharing their tips and tricks for balls-deep blowjobs. Topics covered will include (but are certainly not limited to): how to deepthroat, what to practice with, safer sex and deepthroating, sucking strap-ons, and Deepthroat 201: Advanced Techniques. This class is open to people of all genders. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable enough to practice in this class; don’t be a creep.

Flirting for Femmes - Vonka & Syenite

Hey there, femme. Are you feeling flirty but unsure of how to initiate? Are you rendered speechless by another femme’s allure? Let Vonka and Syenite guide you through propositioning queer cuties in an empowering way without causing discomfort or uncertainty (“Were they hitting on me? Maybe they were just being nice…”). Practice without pressure in this class as we roleplay approaches and overcome our flirting fears! This class is for self-identified femmes who are attracted to other self-identified femmes.

Piss Play & DesPEEration - Vonka & Syenite

Join professional pissers Vonka and Syenite for a class that will leave you writhing in your seat. Whether you're just getting into the world of watersports or if you've gone for the gold many times, you're sure to learn something new from these two fetish models as they share industry secrets and personal piss-soaked anecdotes. Syenite and Vonka will cover desperation, wetting, piss drinking, piss control, and how to pee in front of other people when you are shy. For those of you who'd like to take the class on hard mode, come with a full bladder.