Syenite is a non-binary femme based in NYC. They are a former moderator of NYC TNG and TES TNG, and they organize a queer-centered kinky sex party called Cakehole. They're a proud smut peddler, an unabashed size queen, a passionate piss player, and an aficionado of all things scary, repulsive, and sadistic. They have been featured on the Off the Cuffs podcast, the Bed Post Podcast, and have taught at Columbia University’s Conversio Virium, Open Love NY, House of Scorpio, International Ms. Leather/Ms. Bootblack, Lesbian Sex Mafia, and Dark Odyssey events.

Syenite's Workshops

Deepthroating - Syenite

In this class Syenite will be opening up and sharing their tips and tricks for balls-deep blowjobs. Topics covered will include (but are certainly not limited to): how to deepthroat, what to practice with, safer sex and deepthroating, sucking strap-ons, and Deepthroat 201: Advanced Techniques. This class is open to people of all genders. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable enough to practice in this class; don’t be a creep.

Fisting 101 - Vonka & Syenite

If you've ever wanted a whole hand inside you but aren't sure how to go about it, this is the class for you! Vonka and Syenite will go over anatomy, lube choices, positions, safer sex practices, helpful sex toys, the fisting mentality, and aftercare for back and front hole fisting with ample time allotted for questions and discussion after each section. The class will conclude with a demo with the potential for hands-on (hands-IN) learning.

Getting the Most out of Group Sex - Vonka & Syenite

Group sex provides unique opportunities for pleasure, but more people can also mean more problems. Whether you’ve got 3 partners or 30, proper planning and good communication are key to maximizing hedonism and minimizing headaches for everyone involved. In this class, Syenite and Vonka share the tips and tricks they’ve picked up as participants and hosts of threesomes, foursomes, orgies, and gangbangs. You’ll leave this workshop knowing how to find partners, how to get them all on the same page, and how to translate your group sex fantasy into hot and heavy reality!

Strap-On, Get Off - Vonka & Syenite

Whether strap-ons are a new addition to your boudoir or a beloved staple in your bedroom, by the end of this class you will know all of the “ins and outs” of them. Syenite and Vonka will display a variety of toys and harnesses to show you the different options as well as their pros and cons. Your fearless femme leaders will talk about getting into all the holes (front, back, and mouth), how to have the best stroke game when you can't quite feel what's going on, and how to make sure you really feel it if and when you want to.