Rebecca Doll

Rebecca Doll enjoys being pretty and pleasing and an object of admiration, and is an exhibitionist pain slut of the highest caliber. They love being put through their paces publicly and take great joy in leaving their audience with mouths agape at the end of their scenes. While beatings are fun, they are most fond of anything that draws blood - either their own or someone else's. Physicality is not the core of their interests, however. As a member of House of Artemisia, they spend a significant amount of their time focused on exploring the more twisted desires of the human mind, and applying their academic background, including putting their Master's degree in Education to use in understanding the human needs for control, violence, and self-destruction.

Rebecca Doll's Workshops

Badass Bottoming - Rebecca Doll

The human body is capable of amazing things. The amount of punishment it can take is utterly astounding. Experienced edge play bottom Rebecca Doll answers your questions and leads you through the steps she takes before engaging in any hardcore scene. From hook suspensions to flesh removals to intense interrogation scenes to delving into emotional trauma, she brings her years of experience of playing at the harshest edges of the BDSM scene along with a solid background in biology to help you prepare to push your own limits as a bottom. Topics in this class will include mental and physical preparation, safety concerns, methods for finding an experienced top, sustaining yourself through the scene, and important aftercare tips.

Hypnosis 101 - James & Rebecca Doll

It's not uncommon for people new to hypnosis to find themselves dependent on scripts written by others, or a magic charm like induction that works...sometimes, though they don't understand why. Hypnosis is a science and it can be broken down into its components. In our 101 you'll learn the building blocks necessary to hypnotize successfully every time, and be able to write your own scripts and inductions. It's a lot easier than you think. We cover consent in hypnosis, how to create a hypnotic modality, types of suggestibility, and the components of a hypnotic induction!

Hypnosis for Roleplay - James & Rebecca Doll

Hypnosis can be a starting point for Roleplay, but there are more ways to use it than stage theatrics. Many elements of traditional "method" acting bear a strong relation to hypnosis. We start by dressing up, but called on to play the role of the dastard or the damsel in distress we often feel ludicrous or self-conscious. Learn techniques for combining hypnosis with Roleplay to help yourself and others achieve better roleplay both in and out of state.