Kurt has been a cosmetologist for 10+ years and specializes in vivid color and precision cuts. He’s been in the kink scene off and on for the last 15 years. He is excited to share a unique perspective of the intersection of hair, identity, and self image that are central to so many aspects of kink.

Kurt's Workshops

Hair in Kink - Kurt

This class explores the many ways that hair can play a role in kink/BDSM. There’s hair fetishism itself, using hair in suspension/bondage, incorporating haircuts or head shaves in our play or dynamics, hair in humiliation and control scenarios, and plenty more! We’ll look at all that, along with how to negotiate/navigate hair in your kink dynamic to enhance everyone's experience, and strategies for avoiding the triggers and pitfalls that kink/BDSM that plays with hair can present.

Your Hair: A Primer - Kurt

Let’s examine our relationship with our hair. This class will explore your relationship with hair, and how it relates to self image, gender presentation, queerness, and the impact hair can have on one’s mental state and even relationships. We’ll talk about making decisions about your hair, your partner’s hair, and what effects that can have on your personal dynamics. Plus how to talk to your stylist/barber, and the ways that can echo how you talk to your partners.