Guan-Xuan (they/we/it/ta) is an asexual, transgender, nonbinary, sadistic slave. Master Stone's multi-purpose tool and emotional support wolf. they are a licensed professional counselor centering their work around queer, trans, and BIPOC experiences. Guan-Xuan is passionate about increasing accessibility and reducing stigma for queer, trans, BIPOC, and Leather/kink communities.

Guan-Xuan's Workshops

Dominance in Real Life - Devyn Stone & Guan-Xuan

Dominants, D-types, and all other in-charge folx are the leaders in our dynamics. But what does it take to lead in these relationships? Join Devyn Stone, self-awareness coach and author, to get some first-hand knowledge. In this class you will discover types of dominance, leadership styles, how to get started, how to design the dynamic you want, and of course - some mythbusting!

Forbidden Desires - DevynStone & Guan-Xuan

This discussion is aimed at those who enjoy a little taboo in their taboo play. Whether you're into dark age play, fear play, humiliation, degradation, consensual non consent, or something darker - this is the place to talk about it. Devyn Stone facilitates the discussion pulling in his own experiences with fear play, consensual non consent, and more.

Radical Ownership of Yourself - Guan-Xuan

Before we consider owning others or offering ourselves to ownership, we must first own and take accountability of ourselves and our behavior in a more profound and radical way: radical ownership. In this class, Devyn Stone and his property, Guan-Xuan, will introduce attendees to radical ownership as a means of accepting and taking accountability for all parts of ourselves in order to gain authority for self-control. Attendees can expect a thorough discussion on building a trauma informed, neurodiversity affirming life. Any persons, regardless of dynamic status or sides of the slash, are welcome to this discussion.

What Are You Afraid Of? - DevynStone & Guan-Xuan

Fear. Terror. Horror. These primal elements aren’t just the stuff for scary movies and pumpkin spice latte season. Maybe you’re easily spooked by jumpscares, or maybe you find twisted pleasure and humor in seeing others suffer while watching Fear Factor reruns. Whatever your relationship to fear is, SirHorror is here to terrorize and tantalize your brains with some spooky knowledge about fear play. Let’s get down to the bare bones and have a laugh or two!