Fritz is a service top who for his entire life has loved to play with fire and make humans happy. Seven years ago he learned how to combine these two activities together with a synergy unseen since fire was put to marshmallows. Along the way he's constantly strove to learn better practices and new tricks making his fireplay safer and more fun. He truly loves teaching and sharing his knowledge of fireplay. Lastly, while his primary concern is always the safety of his bottoms, he's proud to have kept his beard unharmed as well through the years.

CoarseGrit's Workshops

Fireplay 101 - Coarse Grit

Like fire? Like naked people? Want to learn how to combine them? Come to Fireplay 101. The purpose of this class is to give you the basic fundamentals of alcohol based Fireplay. We’ll go over the core basics of Safety, Negotiations, Equipment & Techniques, including fire cupping. There will be demos, QnA and lots of fun

Fireplay 201 - Coarse Grit

Are you an experienced firetop, who's bored with the basics? Interested in adding some new tricks to your repertoire? Fireplay 201 is the class for you. We will go over the more advanced techniques not covered in 101 such as Fire Glove, Fire Balls & Human Smores. There will be demos, class discussions and lots of fire.